Worship Team Music

Thank you for being faithful to serve our church, and this ministry every day. I love each and every one of you!  --Renae

Weekly Set List

January 16, 2022

Doug, Darrell, Andrew, Harold, Connor, Amanda, Renae
  • Holding Nothing Back - Andrew 
  • Yes and Amen - Renae
  • Worthy of it All -  Amanda

Monthly Calendar:

This year, the calendar is going to fluctuate.
Please check here at the beginning of each month for the weeks you should expect to sing/play.

January 2 - 1st Sunday
Singers: Renae, Amanda, Natalie 
Band: Darrell, Andrew, Doug, Connor, Harold

January 9 - 2nd Sunday
Singers:  Renae, Ashley, Natalie
Band: Darrell, Andrew, Harold, Connor, Doug

January 16 - 3rd Sunday
Singers: Renae, Amanda, Natalie
Band: Harold, Connor, Doug, Darrell, Andrew

January 23 - 4th Sunday
Singers: Renae, Amanda, Ashley
Band: Andrew, Darrell, Connor, Doug, Harold

January 30 - 5th Sunday
Singers: Renae, Amanda, Ashley, Natalie
Band: Andrew, Connor, Doug, Darrell, Harold