Weekly Bulletin for August 13th, 2023

This Week | August 13th - August 19th

Revelations Class
9:30am - In the Big Room at the Church

Night of Prayer
6:00pm-7:00pm - In the Sanctuary

Lacombe Small Group
6:30pm - At Pastor Doug and Renaes home

Weekly Prayer
10:00 am - In the Sanctuary

Celebrate Recovery
6:30 pm - In the Sanctuary

Adult Bible Study
6:30 pm - The Big Room at the Church

RIOT Youth Group
6:30 pm- Upstairs at the Church

Couples Workshop Day 1
6:30pm - 8:30pm - In the Sanctuary

Men's Breakfast
8:00am - In the Big Room at the Church

Couples Workshop Day 2
9am - 12pm - in the Sanctuary


  • 52 Challenge - Pray and invite someone to church.
  • Night of Prayer - Sunday August 13th 6pm-7pm
  • Men's Breakfast - Saturday, August 19th at 8am in the big room at the church.
  • Couples Workshop - Taught by Rev. Frank and Claudia Newfield; August 18th 6:30p-8:30p, August 19th 9am-12p. 
  • Ladies Retreat is scheduled for October 12-14th. Text “Beach” to 985-545-5535 to sign up
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